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South German Railway Museum,



Heilbronn is an industrial city on the Neckar river, not far south of Stuttgart, southern Germany.  The old roundhouse, and an adjacent huge shed, together with the former office block, have been converted to a private railway museum.  I didn’t have time to take details, but the photographs below should give some idea of the treasures to be found there.

Particularly observant folk will notice that there is an interloper amongst the German locomotives. It’s the ex-SNCF Chapelon Pacific on the right above.  These were said to be the most efficient steam locomotives ever built.  

And then there was this !  Put in the number 01 1102 on YouTube and there’s some movie footage.

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This coach was used in a film about the death of Tolstoy.  I gave a poetry reading there one evening while the two locos seen in steam above hissed gently outside.