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2. SIR NIGEL                                    3. THE INEVITABLE FLYING FLOTSAM


West Country 4-6-2 34092 "City of Wells" drifts the Scarborough Spa Express  back into York on a summer evening.

Left.  "Evening Star", Standard 9F 2-10-0, the last steam engine built for British Rail, heads south out of York with a special in August 1978.

York was, and remains, a mecca for railtours. All the photos of the southern throat of York station on these pages show the old layout, before removal of the through roads between the current platforms 3 and 5, and before the more intensive use of the former excursion platforms, now 10 and 11. And of course, before the further amendments in 2011. Below, Black 5 4-6-0 no 5305 makes a fine smother leaving on an excursion in August 1978.

Ex LMS 4-6-2 "Duchess of Hamilton" seen from Clifton Bridge heading North with two Pullman cars at the head of her train in August 1984. Note the lines of carriages in the sidings between the main lines and the freight avoiding lines, and in the distance outside the BREL carriage works.

This is ex LNER V2 2-6-2 "Green Arrow" heading for the excursion platforms in July 1978, probably on the Scarborough Spa Express, which for one or two memorable years ran York- Harrogate-Leeds-Scarborough and reverse.

Again approaching Clifton Bridge, but viewed from the western side of the tracks, Ex LNER 4-6-0 B1 "Mayflower" and "Flying Scotsman" head north on 21.9.1975.

While here, heading south on the line towards Leeds, passing near the site of the former Copmanthorpe station, Black 5s nos 45107 and 44932 head a long train with two very fancy carriages at the front. Enthusiasts lean out of carriage windows all down the train.

Just for a change, here is ex LMS Jubilee class 4-6-0 "Bahamas" at Ludlow on a special in October 1972. Note the passengers all over the tracks - sort of thing to give the H&S boyos several heart attacks all at once.

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